Coming January 2015

New Book Reveals: How Anyone Can Build Their Perfect Personal Brand and Attract More Referrals Now!

From crafting your story, to online and offline strategies, Personal Branding Mastery will show you how to become the #1 authority in your industry!

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In this book You Will Discover...

  • Postion Your Personal Brand

    Learn how to position yourself as the educator and advocate for the clients you most love to serve!

  • Package Your Personal Brand

    Learn how to package your personal brand into an influential authority that people love to do business with and refer their friends and family to time and time again.

  • Promote Your Personal Brand

    Learn how to successfully promote yourself without coming of “cheezy” even if you are an introvert and hate to sell!

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There is no one better at personal branding than Tim and this book is the playbook that will show you exactly how to build your personal brand and attract more referrals!

Brad Korn
Brad Korn
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