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When is the last time the news ran a story about interest rates, real estate or the process of getting a mortgage and got the facts wrong? Probably recently and then you had to pick up the pieces and re-educate your clients.

Why is that?

The answer is that for many consumers they believe what the news reports. In other words, they will take the reporters opinion over yours leaving you to scramble and look for ways to gain the clients trust.

I have been in this situation too. It's frustrating to say the least.

Then I discovered an easy way to beat the news at their own game...I needed to be featured in a story as the expert authority on lending. If I could get onto the news, then I could turn that story into more business, but the question was how to I make that happen...and make sure the reporter gets it right?

My first opportunity came when I met a local newspaper report. For several years she would quote me in news stories about real estate and lending...BUT the story didn't always match my point of view and so it wasn't anything I could truly use in my marketing.

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Since that discovery, I have been able to get clients stories in the media at will...and within 72 hours!

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My clients get to proof the story before it goes to the media! WOW!!! Can you say game changer??

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I was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves!

I have to admit, I was skeptical, but the results were amazing. My story was featured on networks across the country and I have been able to share the direct links with my clients and business partners. The response has been more than I could have imagined!

I thought this would be bragging and the market would shun me - I was dead wrong!

WOW! At first I was more than hesitant, then we ran a story about a lunch and learn for real estate agents and we had one of the largest turn outs of the year. I could immediately tell that many of the agents found me more credible because of the news story. I am hooked. Anytime we want to push a promotion, I have this tool as one of my go to strategies!

I couldn't believe my own eyes - I was seeing my story on the NEWS!

I was hesitant in believing this was real until my report came in and all I can say is WOW! Over 150 news agencies from FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC carried my story! This is a game changer when I meet clients because I have printed off the stories and use them at networking and client meetings!

You're kidding right? That's what I thought until the results proved me wrong!

Being able to say my story was seen on ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS has been incredible for business! Just adding this to my profile picture generated a ton of new business!! Don't hesitate, get your story on the news now, you will thank me later!

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