This is My Story

From a poor kid from in the projects, to successful entrepreneur, speaker and business coach

920406_10201735649292550_864763719_oI first began to understand the concept of building a personal brand in high school. We lived in the projects and there was always more month than money. My father had passed away when I was only 3. That left my mother, who only had a 6th grade education, to discover a way to live. To say we were poor would be giving us too much credit.

Growing up I always watched other people. I took not of the way they dressed, how they spoke and what they did to earn a living. I was fascinated with finding success and then imitating their steps. Little did I know back then, that success leaves clues is a tremendous principle anyone can use to accelerate their growth.

I learned my first branding lesson from my first job. I was hired to sort bottles for a grocery store at $2.15 per hour. The day I was hired, the owner said to me, "Tim, always remember to be more important to the company than the company is to you." That lesson is as important today as it was back then. You must develop both personally and professionally. What you believe about yourself will be what others believe of you. These are core fundamental principles at the foundation of your personal brand.

Lessons in personal branding continued to follow me to college. Having very little money and no car, I had to find a job if I wanted to stay in college. I learned quickly that you must know how to sell yourself and your value to the employer. They are not interested in giving you a job. they are interested in making a profit. If you can make them more than you cost, then you have a chance. I may not have had a car, but I had two legs and I have walked to work many times. When you are grateful, you don't mind walking.10461620_10204636574853876_940471642270023586_n

Fast forward to my first experiences in sales. I was hired by a mortgage company shortly after college. I had to find a way to convince clients I was the mortgage professional that could best serve them. Early on, I lost more than I won. It seemed there was a mortgage professional on every street corner competing for the same clients. If I couldn't find a way to clearly state my value, then I lost. Have you ever lost a client to the competition? It hurts like hell!!

I began to study everything I could on marketing, leadership, sales and branding. As soon as I learned a new strategy, I implemented it right away. I learned how to position, package and promote myself as an authority in my industry. Some strategies worked, some didn't which is why I say...Learn, Act, Fail, Repeat. For the last 20 years, I have studied marketing and now I want to help you accelerate your business instead of falling down like it did so many times.

Here is what we do

  • Help you discover and tell your story
  • Help you identify your unique brand image
  • Unlock the keys to finding your perfect client
  • Craft a unique selling proposition for your business
  • Create your image through photography and design
  • Identify your influential zone
  • Get you featured on major news affiliates of FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC
  • Help you create your own book, CD, seminar, and podcast

Here's what happens for you

  • You become the authority in your industry
  • You receive more qualified referrals
  • You have a heightened sense of self worth and confidence
  • You earn more money and serve more people
  • You create a legacy!






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