Our Portfolio of Work

Todd came to us looking for a complete branding package that would separate him from the competition. We worked to develop his story, brand identity, photo shoot, and social media graphics. We also placed Todd's story on 150 major news affiliates of FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC. Additionally we will be publishing Todd's book that will be used to generate more business for his real estate team.

Beverly came to us wanting to freshen up her brand and image. We started with her story, then developed that into a photo shoot, logo, graphics as well as getting her story featured on the major news affiliates of FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC

Troy wanted to been seen as the local authority, educator and advocate for the success of his clients. His brand was developed using a professional photo shoot, celebrity style graphics for social media and his own published book he will use to develop business. We also had his story featured on the affiliates of FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC

Angie wanted to share her message of losing weight to inspire others to do the same. We began with her brand name and image, then moved into her story and messaging. From there we had her story featured on major news affiliates of FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC as well as launched her podcast on iTunes.

Eddie has been in the mortgage business for over 20 years. He was looking to find a way to be different than the competition. After consulting with him on his story, we developed The Mortgage Chef brand with photo's, logo design, tag line and featured news story on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.

Brian is a speaker who had seen our work and needed a design for a new program he was launching. We worked to created a high impact, hollywood poster image for his brand.

Sylvania wanted to develop his coaching brand into a thought leader to attract higher end clients. After working with us for 30 days he landed a $25,000 client from the brand, copywriting and landing page design

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