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From: Tim and Dave

If you have a desire to start bringing in more customers and clients into your business, this will be the most important letter you read today.

There must be some reason why certain business professionals bring in more new business than others.

Said another way, if two equally qualified professionals are competing for the business  ... why does one get to go home a winner and the other a loser?

Many times the victor was perceived more as the trusted expert that could deliver the best solution...emphasis on perceived. We love underdogs but we spend our money with experts.

Note: I know price can be a factor as well but if you are constantly being beat up on price, you need personal branding mastery more than anyone because our system shows you how to make price a non-issue.

Many professionals have the erroneous belief that if they can just work harder and be "nice to work with" that they'll win more clients. Unfortunately, while those traits are all admirable, having them doesn't necessarily mean your prospects will see that when they first meet you. Wouldn't your competition say the same thing?

Let me share with you a real life example that I unfortunately had to endure a few weeks ago at a local networking group.

In the room were about 12-15 people from various professions. Out of the group there were four loan officers included. I sat across from loan officer #4 we will call him.

Each professional, including the loan officers, got up and gave their one minute pitch. They all sounded the same with roughly the same lingo and tone. By the time it came to loan officer #4, he stood up with an almost defeated stance and said, "I'm also a loan officer...blah blah blah". It was almost like he was tired and bored of his own one minute pitch.

Now, each one of the loan officers in the room could be absolutely amazing at what they do...including the last one...they may be hard workers....they may be the nicest people in the world....but instead of being separated from their competition, they were lumped into the same group right in front of their prospects. A terrible place to be in the minds of your prospect.

Has this happened to you? If it hasn't get ready because it will.

The whole point of us sharing this story with you is to get you to think about how YOU are perceived in your target markets eyes and how to change it.

Indeed, you may of started out thinking that you can get by with the items above but I hope by now that you’ve come to realize that it's the person who is perceived as the trusted expert that will end up with the lion's share of the business.

We don’t necessarily expect you to radically change what you are doing right now. Rather, it would be immensely profitable to you if you applied even just a few of our strategies in the personal branding mastery course.

Go ahead and look at the details for our system. Decide for yourself if you want to be known in your prospects mind as the local celebrity expert in your industry or just another professional in a sea of other average professionals?

Our system is not on trial, it works. We would not offer such an over-the-top money back guarantee if it didn't. What is on trial is if you will apply what you learn in our personal branding mastery system.

  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Solopreneurs
  • Home business owners
  • Sales Professionals

The Lessons

  • Quick Start Guide – 10 Step by Step Instructions to Get you Started Quickly
  • Lesson 1 – 5 Steps to building your Professional I.M.A.G.E.
  • Lesson 2 – How to craft your powerful story
  • Lesson 3 – 5 Proven ways to Find your Target Market
  • Lesson 4 – 4 Steps to Attracting your Perfect Audience
  • Lesson 5 – 8 Roadblocks that can Stop you in your Tracks from Creating a Personal Brand
  • Lesson 6 – How to Package your Expertise for Profits
  • Lesson 7 – 10 Fatal Mistakes that will Kill your Personal Brand
  • Lesson 8 – Promotional Plan: 17 Strategies for becoming famous locally

Desire and urgency are not included. 

The two things that no matter what we do, we can’t give you.

We have given you 4.5 hours of our best marketing and branding strategies that you can apply and bring in new business.We can’t give you the desire to apply them.

You and I both know there are goals that you want to reach but if there is no urgency about reaching them, well, there isn’t anything we can do for you.

So do a self-test right now.

Ask yourself if you have a sense of urgency about your life and a desire to grow your business?

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Our 365 Day "Blow Torch" Guarantee

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